Maggot Man is a series of feature-length B-movies from Departure Productions.  Part 1 was released in January of 2007, and subsequently became the first ultra-low-budget movie ever to be released on Blu Ray disc.

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Based on an amateur film shot ten years earlier, Maggot Man features mad scientists, the undead, energy weapons, gumshoe detectives, black magic, ninjas and gratuitous nudity; in short, almost as many of the coolest things we could think of crammed into one film.  Here is the synopsis:

A scientist gets into serious trouble after being ridiculed by colleagues over his controversial research into the cognitive capacities of flies. Going slightly crazy, the scientist creates a Frankensteinian monster which is controlled by a maggot in order to prove his theories. Far from being a peaceful and intelligent creature, a violent monstrocity emerges and escapes the lab. Maggot Man is pursued by mad scientists, special police investigators, and even ninja, and leaves a path of destruction in his quest to knock humanity off the top of the food chain.

Here is the first few minutes of the film:

And a teaser trailer:

Maggot Man 2: Night Of The Kevinator

Departure Productions is currently in pre-production of Maggot Man 2: Night of the Kevinator, a film which will take the character of Maggot Man in new directions in his struggles to quell the impact an out-of-control species is having on the rest of the planet.

We’ve released a trailer for Maggot Man 2 featuring Dr. Kevin’s first step in his transformation into the fearsome Kevinator. This trailer features some graphic violence and is not intended for young viewers. This is a sequence that takes place between scenes in the film, so you’re getting a treat here that doesn’t give away too much of the rest of the film.

The gore was designed by Steve Begin, the robotic arm was built by Tick Tock Tom, and the music was written by Matt Rosen of Liar’s Rosebush.

Night Of The Kevinator will continue the story of Maggot Man’s quest for revenge, and the Mad Scientist Underground’s efforts to recapture him before he does too much damage.

Stay tuned for more news as we head into production of the film!